Are you tired of the relentless societal pressures to silence your voice? Tired of the fear of being labeled as racist or anti-Semitic for speaking the truth? This episode of our podcast is for you. Join us on a journey through recent events, including the Dublin riots and MMA athlete Conor McGregor's fearless response, embodying a shift in mentality that courageously surfaced during the Trump era. Forget the fear of labels. In this shifting landscape, we challenge Christians to boldly stand up and unapologetically speak their truth. 

As we navigate through the pressure of societal censorship, we shed light on the importance of taking a long-term approach towards finding solutions. You'll discover, through the distressing events in Ireland, why violence isn't the answer and can lead to even more restrictions. Instead, we propose a radical strategy – building and possibly running for office to create change. We stand beside those who choose to raise their voice, even when faced with backlash and persecution. 

In our ever-evolving discourse, words hold immense power. They have the potential to control, silence, and manipulate. But what if you could reclaim that power? We dig into the roots of words like hate speech, homophobe, and Judeo-Christian, breaking them down to understand their history and etymology. We'll show you how to unshackle yourself from the fear of labels.  So, tune in, join our conversation, and let’s break the spell together.

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