As we journey through the labyrinth of AI, we unveil startling truths and stubborn misconceptions that might just transform your perspective. We, at, believe it's high time Christians stepped up to the plate to counterbalance a largely liberal-driven AI narrative. We're not talking about making AI religious, but ensuring a fair representation of values and perspectives. After all, AI is not a sentient being, but a machine that sorts data – its outcomes and interpretations are heavily influenced by the biases of those who feed it data.

Despite the hurdles, we remain undeterred because the stakes are high. Let's face it, the impressions AI can make, especially on the younger generation, are profound and long-lasting. Hence, it's crucial we shed our inhibitions and contribute to its development, ensuring a balanced representation of values and ideologies. We also navigate the murky waters of AI regulation, armed with the First Amendment as our compass, guiding us to create AI models that echo our beliefs.

As we embark on our mission to build an open-source AI, we extend an open invitation to all like-minded individuals to join us. Harnessing the power of the Gab community, we aim to create a model that doesn't just parrot our beliefs, but also enhances learning and productivity. Our ambitious project isn't just about software coding, it's about creating a tool that truly understands us and our values. We're not afraid of the challenges that lie ahead, because we carry with us an unwavering faith and a proven backbone. Together, let's redefine the AI landscape for the glory of God.

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