Folks, today marks the start of our 9th annual Cultural Appropriation month celebration. We all know appropriation is appreciation and today we are appreciating Iran! In the news, young Iranians are protesting their nation’s strict religious laws through a phenomenon called “turban knocking,” space lesbian witches are somehow getting pregnant and destroying Star Wars, a string of attacks on American fast food restaurants in Iran has got us wondering who could be responsible, after the shocking helicopter crash death of Iran’s President, Ibrahim Raisi, Iran will hold a free and fair election to replace him, we’re going to be straddling the borderline today, so buckle up and come to Rumble and Mug Club if you want to the show today because YouTube definitely ain’t okay with what’s happening today!

Submit your costumes on X with #AppropriateIran for a chance to be featured on the show!

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GUEST: Nick Di Paolo


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