What if we told you that the low bar for success in our society opens up a surprising opportunity for Christians to construct a parallel society? It's an alarming truth that over half of Americans haven't picked up a book in the past year. In this state of zombie-like stupor, brought on by factors like prescription drugs and unhealthy diets, we see not just a societal problem, but a chance for future success. In this episode, we urge you to take note of the situation, inspire your children with reading and writing, and seize the opportunity to raise the bar.

Ever wondered how a century-long influence of dispensational Zionism has shaped the mindset of American Christians and the American church? And how this theology has led us astray from our mission of glorifying God and discipling nations? We trace back to the history and funding of dispensationalism, outlining its impact on our society today. But despair not, for we can lead by example and inspire others in building a parallel Christian society. Join us as we discuss the role of Christ and the Holy Spirit in discipling our children and persevering in our efforts. Share this episode and speak freely about these topics, because it's high time we started building a society that truly celebrates Christian values.

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