Happy Friday! We’re back in the swing. Team USA just defeated Pakistan at Cricket at the T20 World Cup yesterday and it’s their national sport! Is Miss Maryland is a dude? Yes but Miss USA is NOT the same as Miss America. Is Miss Alabama is a house? Yes but that was “National American Miss” not Miss America. It’s very confusing. Ukraine confirmed this week that US-made weapons have struck targets inside Russia, all but assuring we’re gearing up for WW3. Former Vice President Joe Biden is pandering hard after Donald Trump’s bogus guilty charge did not hurt him in the polls. Mexico just elected its first female president for some reason. We’re all getting hyped for Alien: Romulus so we’re peeping the trailer today, and so much more!

GUEST: Josh Firestine & Lane the Brain

SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources-june-7-2024

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