Discover the latest breakthroughs and controversies in artificial intelligence with today's episode of Discover Daily. Join us as we explore Microsoft and OpenAI's $100 billion ”Stargate” supercomputer project, set to revolutionize AI development with millions of specialized AI chips. Learn about the challenges and implications of this ambitious collaboration.

We also delve into the heated debate surrounding the BBC's decision to replace actress Sara Poyzer with an AI-generated voice in an upcoming documentary. Discover how this incident has sparked discussions about the role of AI in the creative industries and its potential impact on actors and voice artists. Stay informed about the ongoing debate in the entertainment industry regarding AI use and the need for clear guidelines and protections for creative professionals.

Finally, we examine New York City's plan to test AI-based gun detection systems in its subways to enhance public safety. Understand the technology behind these scanners, the controversies surrounding their accuracy and privacy implications, and the broader debate over the use of AI in surveillance and security.Don't miss out on this informative and thought-provoking episode of Discover Daily, your go-to source for the most captivating stories and developments in artificial intelligence. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform and download the Perplexity app on Android or iOS to stay up-to-date with the latest AI news, insights, and analysis. Join the conversation and explore the future of AI with Perplexity.

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