Michael Cassidy, a resolute Christian ex-military officer, has ignited a nationwide religious debate. He took it upon himself to dismantle a Satanic statue stationed at the Iowa Capitol. Why? To uphold the biblical principles he swore to live by. Join us as we put his act under the spotlight and explore the significance of such unwavering faith in a world ridden with moral relativism. We'll dig deep into his faith-driven motivation, his adherence to Ephesians 6:10-18, and the spiritual arsenal he arms himself with to ward off the devil's ploys.

Shocked? Intrigued? Cassidy's act has stirred responses from all corners – Christians questioning his audacity and elected officials forced to respond. We shed light on the dichotomy of opinions surrounding his actions, the biblical view on civil disobedience, and the importance of peace in such acts.  So gear up for an episode that promises to challenge your perception of Christian activism, the concept of civil disobedience, and the courage it takes to stand up against anti-Christian acts. Let's inspire each other to live passionately, bravely, and based on biblical principles.

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