Imagine your daily life intertwined with AI technology, yet, this AI reflects your Christian values. This isn't some far-off dystopia, but rather a reality that we're actively shaping. We'll peel back the layers of sensationalism and fear to reveal the reality that AI is simply a tool, a machine that is not only already woven into our everyday lives but can be harnessed to echo our values too. 

We'll transition from the broader landscape of AI to the more specific realms of free speech and Christianity. The role of AI in our lives, especially in relation to free speech, is a topic that needs a robust discussion, not shunning or fear. We'll also confront Silicon Valley's monopoly on AI and how it potentially skews narratives. Together, we'll explore Gab's  AI offerings, including chatbots that have spurred content creation on our platform. This episode isn't just an enlightening conversation, it's a call to action for Christians to actively shape the narrative of AI in a way that aligns with our faith. Forget fear-mongering, let's embrace the future and let our voices be heard.

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