Ever wondered about the origins of the Christmas music that's become a staple in most households during the festive season? This episode of the Parallel Christian Society podcast promises to be an enlightening foray into the evolution and impact of Christmas tunes. In this episode we trace the journey of Christmas music from its religious roots through to its modern secular incarnations. 

We'll also delve into the influence of Jewish songwriters on Christmas music, using Irving Berlin's classic ”White Christmas” as one example. Throughout our exploration, we'll discuss the intriguing paradox of Christmas songs written by Jewish songwriters as a means to secularize and de-Christianize the holiday, while simultaneously expressing pride in Jewish identity. The conversation will underscore the importance of intentionality in our music choices – a powerful tool in creating a parallel Christian society. Prepare for a thought-provoking dialogue that will encourage you to contemplate the music that fills your home throughout the year and the messages conveyed to your family. This episode is bound to make you reconsider your Christmas playlist.

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