In today's episode of Discover Daily, we explore three captivating stories from the worlds of business, technology, and software development. First, we delve into former President Donald Trump's return to the stock market as his social media company, Truth Social, goes public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). With a 58.1% stake, Trump stands to potentially earn over $3-4 billion, but faces a 6-month lock-up period before he can sell shares. We examine the details of the deal, Truth Social's $5B+ valuation, and the investigations that delayed the merger.

Next, we discuss the major leadership shakeup at Boeing as the aerospace giant grapples with ongoing safety issues and a federal investigation. CEO Dave Calhoun announces his resignation amid the fallout from the 737 MAX door blowout incident, while Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal retires immediately and other top executives shift roles. We analyze the challenges Boeing faces in restoring its reputation and addressing deep-rooted cultural problems following the two deadly 737 MAX crashes in 2018-19 and other safety problems.

Finally, we uncover the surprising 30-year history of a ”temporary” menu feature in Microsoft Windows, created by engineer Raymond Chen in 1994, which has persisted through every version of the operating system up to Windows 11. This anecdote highlights the unexpected longevity of some software components and the challenges of replacing familiar elements, even if they were originally intended as quick fixes, reflecting the complex, layered history of software development at Microsoft and across the tech industry.

Trump's Truth Social goes public

Boeing CEO resigns

30-year-old Windows feature

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